MOTHERBOARD is an artistic research with focus on relation between urban and territory, questioning relation between global geo-political, economic trends and new periphery/border. Initially it is a story of the US Embassy and its relocation from the Zagreb city centre to Buzin – city periphery, where today in the middle of agricultural fields there is a Thomas Jefferson street and the whole area is transformed into a potent and penetrating international corporation business zone. Militant architecture of the US Embassy, security measures, traffic junctions, large number of storage areas, and local residents who are extensively trying to sell their land adopting on new spatial circumstances, those are just visible amended typology which reveals strange symbiosis of those two parallel worlds. In continuation of the research the initial idea is opposed to the idea of the urbanism used as a political instrument of internationalisation of the territory and state geo-positioning in the late 1950s through the case study of the Zagreb Fair.

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Production umbrella: Polygon – Centre for research and development projects in culture, 2014/15;
Support: Kultura Nova Foundation, City of Zagreb – GUOKŠ;

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Space thoughts about Buzin influanced by movies: The Wizard of Oz (1939) Victor Fleming; They Live (1988) John Carpenter; Hair (1979) Milos Forman; Miracolo a Milano (1951) Vittorio De Sica; Star Trek (1966) Gene Roddenberry; Full Metal Jacket (1987) Stanley Kubrick;