Mines of Culture / Rudnici kulture

“Mines of Culture” is a cultural initiative aiming to form a multilateral interdisciplinary cluster focusing on revalorization and preservation of industrial heritage of numerous ex-mines in the states of former Yugoslavia. Establishing a network of experts and covering different fields of expertise, the goal is to activate local communities towards re-thinking and re-usage of fallen industrial, architectural and historical complexes in order to evaluate damage, improve visibility, en-vision a new outcomes in the future.


:collaboration branka CVJETICANIN, nedjeljko MIKAC, zdravko KRASIĆ :production Branka Cvjeticanin; LaSTRADA, “drive by” museum on real highway, implementation of an artistic concept into the one of the economic prosperous departments – travel and highway construction; :site specific, urbanism, sculpturing; :location Istrian highway “Y”; :presentation TransArt Festival; :consultants Slaven Fisher, director BBDO; mr.sc. Boris Vucic Sneperger; […]


:art in wild nature
:time 1997/98
:produced by Branka Cvjeticanin;
:artists Grubimiks Labyrinth – Drazen Grubisic, Nedjeljko Mikac;
:curated by Tihomir Milovac
:team B.Cvjeticanin, S. Kranjc, D. Kalogjera, H. Stefotic, T. Uroda, J.Susa;