Identity_48th Zagreb Salon

Group Exhibition of Visual Arts / Izložba vizualnih umjetnosti Currated by Tea Hatadi Time 26/06 – 20/07 2013 Location HDLU – Croatian Association of Visual Artists, Zagreb; Invited artists: Cvjetanović Boris, Cvjetičanin Branka, Ladislav Galeta Ivan, Martinis Dalibor, Trbuljak Goran, Žanić Vlasta Selected artists: Babić Vanja, Barišić Petar, Mileusnić Dragan i Serdarević Željko, Brajnović Tomislav, […]


:work in progress, live act; artist talk; artist book;
:time 2008-to date
:location Krbava field, Lika region, Croatia;
walkers: Elke Krasny (AT) curator, Vlasta Delimar (HR) artist, Ana Hušman (HR) artist, Peter Dykhuis (CAN) curator and artist; Mariela Zinic (HR) architect; Ivan Roca (HR) videographer; Sandro Dukic (HR) artist, Katerina Valdivia Bruch (Peru/DE) choreographer,…

MakeUP artist

MakeUP artist is covering yellow news and black cronicles by using artistic skills and old make up donated by (mostly) girl.friends. Beautiful and soft make-up colours are easy for covering all wrinkles 100%. The news vanishing and the picture looks better, much better, and long lasting effect is guaranteed.

BITI KADAR [be able = be a frame]

In one of Croatian regions, the region of Lika, there is an expression “biti kadar” which means “to be able” but also could mean “to be a movie frame”. Playing with words and frozen frames which were reminging us of Wenders movies, my brother and me were playing with both notions inventing movie story board in which synopsis is hidden in a historical and geographical texture of Krbava field, a field of historical battles. Concept by Branko & Branka Cvjeticanin; Location: Krbava Field, Lika, Croatia