:collaboration branka CVJETICANIN, nedjeljko MIKAC, zdravko KRASIĆ :production Branka Cvjeticanin; LaSTRADA, “drive by” museum on real highway, implementation of an artistic concept into the one of the economic prosperous departments – travel and highway construction; :site specific, urbanism, sculpturing; :location Istrian highway “Y”; :presentation TransArt Festival; :consultants Slaven Fisher, director BBDO; Boris Vucic Sneperger; […]


:art in wild nature
:time 1997/98
:produced by Branka Cvjeticanin;
:artists Grubimiks Labyrinth – Drazen Grubisic, Nedjeljko Mikac;
:curated by Tihomir Milovac
:team B.Cvjeticanin, S. Kranjc, D. Kalogjera, H. Stefotic, T. Uroda, J.Susa;

BITI KADAR [be able = be a frame]

In one of Croatian regions, the region of Lika, there is an expression “biti kadar” which means “to be able” but also could mean “to be a movie frame”. Playing with words and frozen frames which were reminging us of Wenders movies, my brother and me were playing with both notions inventing movie story board in which synopsis is hidden in a historical and geographical texture of Krbava field, a field of historical battles. Concept by Branko & Branka Cvjeticanin; Location: Krbava Field, Lika, Croatia