:light installation in situ
:time September, 2008
:currated by Sabina Salomon
:produced by International Light Festival
:location Porec, Croatia, exYUarmy complex

The subject of light has long shaped the content of architecture and most known architectural stone constructions from different historical times with one architectural and another cosmic program within itself, exactly as it is in the architecture of early Christianity” (free translation from R. Ivančević text on sacral architecture about the church of St. Cross in Nin).

Sabina invited me to stay few days and do something for the Festival of Light. I moved into one dark abandon attick room with no electricity, one bad and one roof window. The whole architectural complex once was the sardine tins factory and supplier for the whole exYU army and it lost its function in 90ties. Now it.s a ruin run by artist, probably until the moment when energy will be transformed into somekind of (casino tourism) economy again. started with extensive cleaning and observing the daylight movement in the room, suddenly the room become time instrument and precise clock. Wandering around the site I found golden foil, a leftover of that sardine’s tins production and did a gesture with that golden foil by covering the floor of the room and showing sardine’s after-life inside of a tin.