MakeUP artist

MakeUP artist is covering yellow news and black cronicles by using artistic skills and old make up donated by (mostly) girl.friends. Beautiful and soft make-up colours are easy for covering all wrinkles 100%. The news vanishing and the picture looks better, much better, and long lasting effect is guaranteed.

:exhibited within E-flux PAWNSHOP @ Art Basel, PAWNSHOP @ Thesalloniki Biennal 2011
:created and curated by Anton Vidoke and Julieta Aranda

—–Original Message—–
From: Anton Vidokle []
Sent: Friday, May 13, 2011 9:34 PM
To: Branka Cvjeticanin
Subject: Pawnshop Basel

Dear Branka, hi, we are writing to invite you to take part in the
upcoming e-flux project: Pawnshop Basel.

Starting June 13th, we will be opening a temporarily pawnshop in Basel,
dedicated to the pawning of artworks, which will be in operation for
the duration of Art Basel (June 15-19, 2011). Pawnshop Basel follows
the previous incarnations of this project; originally presented in New
York in 2008 and at Vitamin Creative Space in Beijing in 2009.

Structurally, a pawnshop is a short-term loan business, which retains a
collateral object (a camera, a ring, a guitar, a gun, an artwork, in
this case) in exchange for a cash loan — a small fraction of the
object’s value that needs to be repaid with interest within a one-month
period. If the owner of the pawned object does not return to collect it
and repay the loan + interest within 30 days, the pawnbroker has the
right to sell it. The pawned object remains on display until it is
picked up by its original owner or purchased by someone else.

We would like to invite you to participate in this project by pawning a
small work, something that nods to the pawnshop’s aura of desperate
inventiveness, or simply a work that you would like to pawn. As our
pawnshop will be fully functional (i.e., charge interest on loans and
sell objects), we suspect there will be profits of some sort. It there
are any profits, they will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières /
Doctors Without Borders. If you wish to pawn a work with us for the
Pawnshop Basel, you will be able to drop it off with us in either
Berlin, or at the Pawnshop Basel itself, if you happen to be in Basel.

Although these days pawnshops are often found in distressed urban
neighborhoods, or near gambling sites where fast cash comes at a
premium, this was not the case historically. From early Chinese
society, through Biblical times, to the Medici era in Europe, pawnshops
served as primary micro-lenders to local communities and provided
financial bases for some of the more important historical events of
their times, such as discovery of the Americas; Columbus’ voyage was
funded by Queen Isabella of Spain pawning her jewels. We are very
curious what discoveries our pawnshop will facilitate…

Please let us know if you will take part in this project, and we will
be happy to supply you with further details.


Julieta Aranda & Anton Vidokle