Identity_48th Zagreb Salon

Group Exhibition of Visual Arts / Izložba vizualnih umjetnosti
Currated by Tea Hatadi
Time 26/06 – 20/07 2013
Location HDLU – Croatian Association of Visual Artists, Zagreb;
Invited artists: Cvjetanović Boris, Cvjetičanin Branka, Ladislav Galeta Ivan, Martinis Dalibor, Trbuljak Goran, Žanić Vlasta
Selected artists: Babić Vanja, Barišić Petar, Mileusnić Dragan i Serdarević Željko, Brajnović Tomislav, CT kustoski koncept (Krašković Denis, Milić Miron, Pavić Predrag, Šandrk Stjepan, Tadić Stipan), Čop Matija, Friščić Danko, Grlić Martina, Ivančić Josip Pino, Juran Igor , Jurić Ivana i Fischer Fedor, Kurtela Nina, Malčić Ivica, Maleković Tonka, Marinić Marin, Medić Duje, Mezak Davor i Čubrilo Marko, Midžić Ivan i Svetić Josip, Miholić Martina, Miletić Hana, Pašalić Marko, Pavlović Pavle, Petrović Janko, Rožman Maja, Sanvincenti Davor, Sorola Melita, Stanić Marijana, Stojanovski Krunislav, Šuvar Duje, Vesović Milislav i Vujičić Lara, Vivoda Ana , Vukosav Borko, Vulić Ivana

Introduction by currator Tea Hatadi:

The word identity, mentioned more often since the beginning of the globalization, questions and covers all aspects of the society. Is the identity one of the words in which context can anything be inserted or is it a very important form that determines the existential meaning of the individual, group, community?

Let’s not ignore the fact that Zagreb and Croatia for a few days will enter into the new system and we are not sure what exactly it will bring for all of us. Thus, we can conclude that the context of the new salon is questioned, when comparing with the context within it is formed. And I don’t speak about it negatively but from the perspective of a curious person. The one upcoming for sure is the last one important just within the borders of Croatia because the next one will be the first one within the expanded boundaries.

Criticism, which is missing in a written form and addressed to the art is essential for the formation of the identity in terms of belonging. What is important is that there is no lack of criticism of the art addressed to the society in which this same art is born. But art has been a criticism for a long time, in addition being driven from inside, resulting from the comparison with something existing outside but substantially appealing.

How can art examine its own existence within the global context and how willing is to look critically at its own entity, these are the issues of 48th Zagreb Salon. We are sure that with the wider boundaries the identity of the individual, the community and the area will be changed, but we are not sure in which direction this changes will go. But let’s try to enter through the back door with large and clear concept, subject to criticism and ready for modeling and customization. Zagreb Salon is part of the identity of the City of Zagreb and in that sense the artist is an editor / moderator of this identity.
48th Zagreb Salon becomes in that way a collection of different artistic approaches and disciplines, collecting point of identity but also a moment of emancipation of art from the artists themselves.

Tea Hatadi, author of the concept for the 48th Zagreb Salon

Selected Exhibitions/Artist talks
> 48th Zagreb Salon currated by Tea Hatadi
> Pandora’s Box 2009 currated by Katerina Valdivia Bruch, BAC Festival, Barcelona 2009.
> CalArts and CODEPINK (USA) – course cluster Women, Community Engagement, Resistance and Transdisciplinary Activism — presents multiple perspectives on issues of violence against women, highlighting mass rapes in militarized zones and grassroots efforts to end the violence. The course cluster—with classes taught by Chandra Khan, Christine Wertheim, Evelyn Serrano, Leslie Tamaribuchi and Nancy Buchanan—focuses on exchanges with artists and activists who are working to make systemic changes at both the global and local levels. Last week, Croatian intermedia artist Branka Cvjeticanin was the cluster’s first guest speaker and discussed SHE:STORY, an examination of the multi-generational experience of war within her family.

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