MASH colony

:collaboration Branka Cvjeticanin (HR) & Ludovic Nobileau (FR)
:time Nov 2009 & 22/10-28/10 2010
:location Labin, Raša, Rabac, Plomin
:special thnx to Labin citisens, Viktor Zahtila, Sandro Dukic
:photo documentation S.D., N.T., B.C.

“Mash COLONY” the 1st underground recruit center.

This art&community work in progress started in 2009 with only one goal – to recruit new citizens for the Underground City and offer them a job.

The main task is to maintain continues and active cooperation with local community with aim of evaluating different forms of existing and creating the underground future but also promoting the artists as a leading developers and transmitters of the practical knowledge which brings additional economic value to the miners heritage.