BrankaCVJETICANIN_born in Zagreb, Croatia, she studied different forms of contemporary dance and performing arts, which are now a foundation of her work within inter-media arts. She graduated on the MAPA_Moving Academy for Performing Arts, Amsterdam. In 1998 she was awarded by the NUFFIC and Gulliver Exchange program for an internship at Oerol Festival, Terschelling where she was introduced to the site-specific theatre directing and installation art in situ.
Beside her profession in arts she accomplished BA in Economics and European Diploma in Cultural Project Management & Cultural Policy. Since 1997 she is an independent producer in a field of visual arts and in 1999 she initiated the idea of the PolygonOS – an organisation as an experiment and medium for sculpturing.
From the very beginning of her artistic work she made numerous collaborations with the different Croatian and international artists.
In 2001 she was invited by American artist Robert Wilson to participate in Watermill summer programme and collaboration continued till 2004.
In 2006 she accomplished PhD on Bauhaus College, Dessau on the topic of UN Urbanism.
Cvjeticanin works internationally, she is a member of Croatian Association of Independent Artists HZSU, Croatian Association of the Applied Visual Artists ULUPUH, ORACLE network of European Arts Producers, and Culturelink network. Her work is produced under umbrella of PolygonOS and supported by different local and international government and non-governmental institutions, foundations and individuals.

Most of Cvjeticanin’s work is based on particular circumstances in situ and relations between body, movement and space framed by particular economy, policy, history or just circumstances, and that is why she is choosing different media (live act, choreographic scores, light installations, artist talk performance or selfpublish pampflets) to express or stress out particular vision.

>>>selected artistTALKs, lectures, workshops, writings
Mines of Cultures, multilatheral creative cluster;
CalArts_Californian Arts Institute
OPA_NGO for promotion of a visual culture;
Culturelink World Conference;
Institute of Art, Novosibirsk, Russia;
Interra Symposium, Novosibirsk, Russia;
PSI#15_panel discussion
KONSTRUKTIVA art magazine, cheef editor

:2012 CalArt, LA, USA;
:2012 Montalvo Art Center, Saratoga, California, USA;
:2011 Institute of Art, Novosibirsk and INTERRA symposium, RU;
:2008/10 The Institute for Art and Practice of Dissent at Home, GB, The Hope University, Liverpool;
:2008 Glogauer Residency Berlin, DE;
:2005/06 Bauhaus Foundation, a scholarship for the Bauhaus Kollege, DE;
:2004 Trust for Mutual Understanding, award for the project 24 hours, USA;
:2003 Arts link, USA;
:2000 Ministry of Culture RH support for the EU Diploma in Cultural Project Management and Cultural Policy;
:1998 internship at Oerol Festival, NL supported by the NUFFIC award and the Gulliver Exchange program, NL;
:1997 Edinburgh Festival, supported by British Art Council GB and Open Society Institute;

Visual art antropology – short documentaries making and writing. Volontier at the Center Silver Rechabilitation Center for Guide Dog Programme. Board member and volontier within the Rustica NGO for preservation of indigenuos seeds and certicificated herbalist.