MOTHERBOARD is an artistic research with focus on relation between urban and territory, questioning relation between global geo-political, economic trends and new periphery/border. Initially it is a story of the US Embassy and its relocation from the Zagreb city centre to Buzin – city periphery, where today in the middle of agricultural fields there is […]

Mines of Culture / Rudnici kulture

“Mines of Culture” is a cultural initiative aiming to form a multilateral interdisciplinary cluster focusing on revalorization and preservation of industrial heritage of numerous ex-mines in the states of former Yugoslavia. Establishing a network of experts and covering different fields of expertise, the goal is to activate local communities towards re-thinking and re-usage of fallen industrial, architectural and historical complexes in order to evaluate damage, improve visibility, en-vision a new outcomes in the future.

HUMAN tower

Bauhaus Kollege VII PhD programme – “UN Urbanism” dealed with the transformation of cities in so-called crisis regions. Even after the end of the East-West conflict, disputes and the “petite guerre” still characterise world events. Today, organisations such as the UN, but also NGOs and a wide network of privately financed humanitarian aid organisations are […]


Urban Syntax Guidelines by Branka Cvjetičanin
Artistic Mentorship Robert Wilson;
Byrd Hoffman Watermill Foundation, Watermill 2003/04, USA
Performing Units: Thomas Beale (USA), Igor Bazijanec (HR), Lovis B. Dengler (DE), Angeles Ferragut (ES), Catalina Gonzales (CO), Makram Hamdan (USA), Jessie Holland (USA), Ivan Jerchich (MK), Olivier le Borgne (FR), Thomas Magnus (NOR), Ludovic Nobileau (FR), Jerome Robart (FR), Ana Savic Gecan (HR), Branka Cvjetičanin (HR);


:collaboration branka CVJETICANIN, nedjeljko MIKAC, zdravko KRASIĆ :production Branka Cvjeticanin; LaSTRADA, “drive by” museum on real highway, implementation of an artistic concept into the one of the economic prosperous departments – travel and highway construction; :site specific, urbanism, sculpturing; :location Istrian highway “Y”; :presentation TransArt Festival; :consultants Slaven Fisher, director BBDO; Boris Vucic Sneperger; […]