Urban Syntax Guidelines by Branka Cvjetičanin
Artistic Mentorship Robert Wilson;
Byrd Hoffman Watermill Foundation, Watermill 2003/04, USA

24 HOURS is an live act based on urban syntax guidelines as base for the urban space invasion. It is an idea based on movement research within architectural/urban frame. It is a process driven by artistic work where participants experiencing cityscape by observing their body-time-space relations framed by architectural/urban syntax. At the very beginning the focus is on the specific “choreographic” scores given to participants after which they forming units and have 24 hours for action in real time/space to interpret and reflect with the final task of making a public body formation. After the action, the artist’s talk follows, the whole process is documented as a whole within the multimedia interactive interface.

Supported by CEC-ArtsLink Foundation, Trust for Mutual Understanding, City of Zagreb;
Produced by Polygon under umbrella of the Byrd Hoffman Watermill Foundation, 2003/04;
Supportive Team Damir Gamulin, graphic design; Igor Bazijanec, interface programming; Ludovic Nobileau, videographer; Thun Constantin, set design;
Performing Units Thomas Beale (USA), Igor Bazijanec (HR), Lovis B. Dengler (DE), Angeles Ferragut (ES), Catalina Gonzales (CO), Makram Hamdan (USA), Jessie Holland (USA), Ivan Jerchich (MK), Olivier le Borgne (FR), Thomas Magnus (NOR), Ludovic Nobileau (FR), Jerome Robart (FR), Ana Savic Gecan (HR), Branka Cvjetičanin (HR);
Special Thnx Fritzie Brown, Neda Young, Sue Jane Stocker, Katie Down, Sarah J. Locke, Liz Fairfax, Maria E. Pessino, Christophe Martin, Carlos Soto, Makram Hamdan, Christian Wassmann, Jakob Friss, and all beautiful Watermillions – generations 2002/04